Our Services

We have the experience to build scalable systems with highest quality for different technologies stacks!

Technology Strategy

Effective strategy helps clients make smart digital decisions. We rely on expert consulting, facilitation, analysis, and testing to build a strong foundation that ensures the highest returns on a  product investment.


The easiest way to help your clients save money, reduce risk, and move faster Create simplified and automated deployments. We configure infrastructure with code, allowing for easy and automated changes, run automated tests to reduce bugs, and facilitate regular security updates.

Applications engineering

At modernise, we prioritise best-in-class code, security, and innovation. We leverage tools and automation for efficiency, our engineers embrace best practices like TDD & pair programming for quality assurance.

Platform engineering

At modernise, we are advocates of modern infrastructure and platform engineering through modern practices such as observability and site reliability engineering. We are experts in rolling out container based platforms on premises and on public cloud.


Whether your clients need to replatform an entire ecosystem or update an app, our team ensures data and its paths move and mature with them and their users.

Private cloud enablement

Private Cloud is required for various economic and compliance motivations for several Enterprises in many markets and our team are experts in enabling Private Cloud Platforms on premises using the latest Container Platforms and Infrastructure as Code approaches. We have strong experience with VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift and SUSE Rancher Container Platforms.